So clean, safe, beautiful and full of life

Our May - October Life in a North American Gem of a City


MONTREAL is one of North America's most appealing cities and a wonderful setting for a May-October second home. In its March 2006 special edition on the city, Gourmet magazine praised it, saying "Montreal has transformed itself into a marvelous city in the same class as Paris, Rome, San Francisco, New York, and London." The New York Times has referred to Montreal as 'Paris Without the Jet Lag."  

A Plateau neighborhood

Outdoor cafe

City Hall

THIS WEB SITE was created to showcase the great quality of life and the many things this friendly and sophisticated city has to offer, especially for those who want a refuge in which to live a simpler life and take in the summer's marvelous options. Montreal is just waiting to be discovered. We discovered it and this is our story. We are a couple from Texas nearing retirement.

View from Mount Royal

Parc la Fontaine

Sailboat on the St. Lawrence

OUR FIRST VISIT was in September 2000, staying at a bed and breakfast across the street from Parc La Fontaine (middle photo above). I was completely enchanted by this park. With two lakes, ball fields, bike paths, walking paths, and an amphitheater, it is a very beautiful and popular spot in the middle of a fantastic neighborhood called the Plateau. During that first trip we began to think about living in Montreal during the summer months at some point in the future. And even though we do not speak French, Quebec is a province that respects the rights of visitors who do not.

Flower market Metro Old Montreal sports bar

OUR NEXT TRIP was in August, 2002. We rented a furnished third floor apartment for 30 days on the Plateau close to Mont-Royal Avenue and lived with no car, apartment windows open day and night and no air conditioning needed. We walked everywhere along the beautiful and inviting tree-shaded streets. And when we got tired of walking we just hopped on the excellent public transportation system, most often the subway.